Fingerboard HD Skateboarding FREE


We just launched Fingerboard HD Skateboarding for free! Head on over to Google Play and download now! 

Fingerboard HD Launched!

Download Fingerboard HD: Skateboarding

Fingerboard HDSkate, touch, grind and become a skateboarding pro! Use your fingers to control the board and ride around the skate park. Swipe your skateboard to perform tricks, grind rails, launch off ramps and maximize your skateboarding XP by busting combos.
  • High resolution tablet support (HD).
  • Bust tricks, grind rails, and launch your skateboard off ramps.
  • A 3D physics world to skate around in.
  • Toggle between practice and competition modes.
  • Gain XP and unlock several new skateboard decks.

This app was developed by actual skaters and we are open to your input. Remember to show your support and rate us 5 stars. Your positive feedback motivates us to bring you updated features such as customizing your own skateboard.

Be sure to visit our website for more skateboarding tips. After downloading the game you'll have direct links to our facebook and twitter feeds. You will also find updates and occasional skateboard videos from our favorites.

Previous experience is not required but a general understanding of skateboarding might be helpful. Please load up the in game direction screen if you need additional help steering or controlling your skate board.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
• 800x480 display or larger
• 800MHz CPU
• 512MB RAM
• Android 2.2 and up

Fingerboard HD Announced!

NOTICE: As of 2/25/2013, Fingeboard HD APK has been released! Please visit for more information!


It's been exciting to watch the progress of what started out as a test project and turned into something that we've all come to enjoy. A couple years have passed since we began developing Fingerboard and we've received some great feedback along the way! We agree with most of our fans and feel that its time to take our app to the next level. With that being said, we are pleased to announce that we are actively working on a new updated HD version of Fingerboard!

Fingerboard HD will be available on next gen android devices and will include an array of new exciting features.

Fingerboard HD v1.0 features will include:
  • High resolution tablet support (HD)
  • A 3D physics world to skate around in
  • Perfected finger gestures to give you full control of your board
  • Bust tricks, grind rails, and launch off ramps
  • Unlock several boards from the skateboard shop
  • Toggle between Practice Mode and Competition Mode

We would like to give our fans an exciting opportunity to help us raise funds for this project! Every $0.99 Fingerboard Pro download will help support the development costs it takes to bring Fingerboard HD to life. Share this link with your friends, help spread the news!

We will continue to post updates as we come closer to releasing the game on Google Play so check back often. Until then, feel free to enjoy a teaser game-play video we put together very quickly.